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While talking about MaconIt, and answering the frequently asked question “why did you decide to start this organization,” I've caught myself wanting to say "because we want to change the narrative!" I mean, that always sounds good, right? Completely disregard what

is just to make room for what we want something to be. I didn't feel those were the right words to explain our purpose. Nor do I feel it should be the aim for anyone wanting to create lasting change in a community.

If you’re from Macon, you are privy to the things that happen in our community. We have our concerts, festivals, school dances, and outreach opportunities with the aim to give community members something to look forward to. But, just like any other community, Macon also faces social, economical and educational injustices. These macrosystems have a lasting effect on the families in the Macon community. Despite this, a group of students decided our community is still valuable, and that even though we reside in foreign communities while perusing higher education, we have an allegiance to the place that helped mold us into the individuals we are. The good. The bad. The ugly. They all shaped us, and that cannot be taken for granted.

Three years after making the decision to advocate for myself and the many other children, mothers, fathers, teachers, and students in our community craving some positivity, I've finally figured it out. The goal of our organization is not to change the narrative of the Macon community; our goal is to simply restore a few of the misplaced pages and add a few pages when we can. When people read about us, or are in our presence, they will feel hopeful again. We want to radiate love, positivity, and support to the students of the Macon community, in hope that they will take that energy with them wherever they go. If even the slightest bit of change comes from that, we have served.

To the person who has taken the time out of their day to explore this site - I thank you. No matter who you are or where you live, you have given MaconIt more than you realize and I am ever grateful.

MaconIt has a place for everyone, so please join us on our journey to restore the hope, dreams, and talent of our community.


Mayah Williams

MaconIt Founder

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